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RICO can be used on behalf of individuals or business in a wide variety of contexts. A basic business dispute, one company over-billing another one for services, might be the basis of a RICO case if the over-billing firm has engaged in that type of fraud in the past against others. A breach of contract or commercial disagreement might be much more serious if it causes big damages and is part of a pattern of misconduct involving extortion, loansharking or fraud. Or one spouse hides assets from another during a divorce, causing an ill-gotten distribution of marital property for that party. Piracy is big business. Studios and other copyright owners are in a never-ending war against the illegal downloading and sale of copyrighted works and use of their trademarks. All of these disputes can be redressed under RICO. But very few are. And these are just a few examples of how racketeering activity may victimize individuals or businesses.