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Foster PC  works and consults with law firms—large and small—around the country who have clients involved (or soon to be involved) with RICO litigation, as plaintiffs or defendants.   If you represent a client involved in RICO litigation and need assistance with any of the following, Foster PC can help:

  • Preparing the RICO complaint or claim;
  • An existing client wants an opinion/evaluation about the strength/weaknesses of a possible RICO case;
  • A RICO complaint has been filed and is now being contested with a Motion to Dismiss, based on enterprise issues, pattern of racketeering, proximate causation, extraterritoriality, standing, and/or statute of limitations issues;
  • A RICO complaint has been dismissed without prejudice and your client seeks to file an Amended Complaint curing the defects noted by the Court;
  • Your client’s existing RICO case is pending, but wants to amend it to make it stronger;
  • Your client needs a RICO expert to opine about the purpose or applicability of civil RICO (in litigation, arbitration, and/or mediation);
  • Preparing RICO case statements;
  • Your client is a defendant in a civil RICO matter;
  • Raising the key issues for dismissal in a Rule 12 Motion or for summary judgment;
  • Your client is facing class certification in a RICO matter;
  • Identifying key discovery issues and drafting appropriate written discovery for RICO claims;
  • Issues related to venue in RICO cases;
  • Memos and research regarding jury instructions;
  • General consulting for RICO cases, including the distinctions in case law between various Circuits;
  • Appellate consulting in RICO cases;
  • Fast and efficient RICO case law research: Why reinvent the wheel? We can provide you authority for your RICO issues, whether plaintiff or defense.

We have often become involved in litigation in which an inadequate RICO complaint has already been filed and motions to dismiss are pending, threatening the entire litigation.  We do so quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.  And we do so in partnership with the client’s existing counsel, so as to allow you to maintain the strong relationship you have developed with your client over time.

We understand that your clients, on occasion, may become involved with RICO litigation.   We also understand that RICO can be complicated, even for sophisticated and experienced attorneys.   You want to be able to fully assist your clients on these individual RICO matters as they arise, while still continuing to service their remaining legal needs in the future, and without having to compete with co-counsel down the road.

We can help.  All we do here is RICO.