When a bad guy screws you, that bad guy probably has screwed others even worse. Here’s a case Foster PC is working on. Our client was sued in a tribal court in California. Unfortunately, the judge already was representing the bad guy in other matters. The fix was in! The Tribal Chief essentially was bribing the Tribal Judge so that the Judge would rule in favor of Tribal Businesses. It’s bad enough when you know your adversary has a “home court” advantage in a remote venue. But when the fix is in, and others have suffered, that’s where Civil RICO comes into play.

In a case like this, the Tribal Court is the RICO “enterprise.” And the pattern of bribes paid to the Judge to affect numerous cases is the racketeering activity. 

Putting all this together means that our client may well have a RICO case. Why do we care? First, we can sue the conspirators in federal court. And if we are successful, we can recover not just damages, but treble damages. And we can recover attorney’s fees. The Tribal Actors no longer will have that “home court advantage”.

When bad guys are screwing you, they are probably screwing others as well. We at Foster PC can help you learn “If you have a RICO case….” And if you do, we can pursue it aggressively and successfully. Call Howard Foster at 312 726 1600 for a free initial consultation. Learn more about Civil RICO at