Yesterday the new House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, informed the President the House would not take up immigration this year.  This means the Senate immigration bill passed last year will not become law, and no other immigration bill will pass in this Congress.  The threat that the House would pass some sort of immigration bill and go to conference with the Senate is over.  The nation will not have more liberalized immigration laws for now.  And with the economy cooling off again, case for more immigration looks weaker all the time.  The last House Majority leader, Eric Cantor, was defeated in his primary by a Republican who criticized his apparent support for “immigration reform,” a euphemism for legalizing every illegal immigrant in the country and doubling the number of legal immigrants over time.  It would seem the voters in Cantor’s district just did not note like that type of “reform” and didn’t accept his denials that he was secretly for mass legalization.

The flood of illegal alien children, something like a children’s crusade, now going on all across the Southwest border is not a coincidence.  It was timed to persuade Republicans to “do something” about immigration this year.  The people orchestrating the crusade were hoping the House would be shamed into some type of mass legalization bill.  But the defeat of Cantor ended the discussion and the images of children coming over without their parents gives the impression that Central America knows we cannot and will not enforce our immigration laws.

It seems to be impossible to summarily deport any one who enters the country illegally. Everyone gets an asylum hearing. But there are no genuine asylees from Central America.  The people flooding our country now are economic refugees seeking better lives and drug dealers plying their trade.  Nobody comes from Mexico as a genuine refugee, one being persecuted because of race, religion, nationality or membership in a social group.  So the administration should declare this the emergency that it is and return all the children to the Mexicans without hearings.  Any genuine asylees can reapply once they get back at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

The President does not look or sound particularly distressed about the situation.  He says they should stop coming over, but then sends buses to take them to shelters rather than to the border.  He sees them not as lawbreakers and future welfare cases but as future Democratic voters sponsors of their parents when the influx fades from the news.  If these children were the offspring of evangelical Christians crossing the Canadian border illegally, the administration would militarize the border and local school officials would be furious.  Immigration changes the country and the message we have been sending for at least twenty years to Central America is welcome.