Donald Trump has decided to get serious about illegal immigration. I wrote last month that he should be asked who does the menial jobs on his properties like cutting the grass on his golf courses. Such jobs are often done by illegals, and it would telling to see how sincere Trump really is. cambodia . But to my knowledge, no reporter took up that line of questioning. I think that is much more likely now that Trump has put forth the most aggressive plan for combating illegal immigration I’ve ever seen in a campaign.

He starts out by stating the fundamental tenets of sovereignty. A nation cannot exist without borders and laws. Both must be enforced. It’s impossible to disagree with those statements, and nobody does in the abstract. But the people who run the government do not agree that those principles should actually be enforced when it comes to immigration. Trump says he does. Again, one wants to know how sincere he is in his views.

What would he do to enforce immigration law? Trump says he would deport all illegal immigrants. How this monumental task would or could be done is not spelled out. Remember President Obama has been vilified by open borders advocates for allowing the Department of Homeland Security to deport about 300,000 criminal aliens per year. But 10-15 million? Is the country ready to commit that much money toward this admirable goal? The answer is no. This is a pipe dream and political theater.

His other proposals are much more realistic. He wants to end “birthright citizenship” the absurd rule of law that makes everyone born on U.S. soil a citizen even if their parents are here illegally. Commentators have dismissed the idea of modifying the current rule as requiring a “change” in the 14th amendment. Some legal scholars, including Judge Richard Posner, disagree and claim the change can be statutory. We should try. Let it then get litigated.

Trump also wants to require all employers to use e-verify, the on-line verification system sponsored by DHS which tells an employer if a particular job applicant’s social security number matches the name in its data base. That’s hardly a foolproof system for combating identity theft. It would not tell the employer if, for example, the social security number relates to a person of a different race, or a deceased person, or in some other way defies common sense. It would be much more effective if the government had a current photo in its data base. But it’s a good step.

Trump also wants to gut the H-1b visa program, which allows employers to bring in indentured foreign tech workers if they cannot find an American to do the job. The program is riddled with fraud. All U.S. tech firms can find all the workers they want. None need foreign workers- if they will pay market wages. The typical H-1b worker, sponsored by particular employers, work for about a third lower pay than Americans. So the tech firms love this program. Trump would require employers to give a preference to American workers, which would effectively kill the concept of H-1b visas unless unemployment were very high. That puts Trump on the side of the U.S. worker and against employers- a huge shift for the Republicans. No other GOP candidate has gone there, though Walker has made a few statements about protecting the “wages” of workers.

I could go on with more specifics but these are the high points. Trump has come up with a very interesting and provocative plan for dealing with immigration. If his Republican rivals say me too to most of it, they will have aligned themselves with the most “comprehensive” immigration program put forth by their side in a long time.