Halvorssen v. Simpson, Fritsch et al

Thor Halvorssen, President of the Human Rights Foundation, has filed a RICO case against Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, principals of Fusion GPS, for conspiring to retaliate against him for filing a complaint with federal […]

O'Shea v. Hernandez and Harding (Indiana Packers Corporation "IPC" Class Action)

This is a RICO class action brought against two human resource managers at Indiana Packers Corporation (“IPC”) located in Delphi, Indiana, for hiring large numbers of illegal aliens by falsely attesting on I-9 Forms that […]

Sheridan v. iHeartMedia, Inc. (California Class Action)

Foster P.C., along with co-counsel Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, Abner & Fulleron, LLP, and Justin Sobodash, represent recording artist Arthur Sheridan, and his wife Barbara, in a class action lawsuit against Defendant iHeartMedia, Inc. […]

Teras International Corp. v. Gimbel et al

Foster PC represents Plaintiff Teras International Corp.,the assignee of the liquidator of Yick Bo Trading Limited, in a RICO case to recover millions of dollars of debt which was never repaid to Yick Bo.  Yick […]